Treasure Quest

Congratulations to our 2012 Treasure Quest Winners!

Calf Winner:
Lyndsey, Ashlyn and Cole Sarbacker chose Treasure Quest Heifer #4:

Heritage-E Debbies Dora-ET
Born: 6/4/2011
Sire: Duckett-SA Federal
Dam: KY-Blue GW Debbie-ET
Entered by Nick and Jessica Sarbacker & M and L Evangelo

2012 Treasure Quest Heifer and Winner


Treasure Quest "Tub" Winners

1) Accelerated Genetics Tub:
Smith-Crest Holsteins, Watertown, WI

2) Cattle Connection Tub:
Kent Wendorf, Viroqua, WI

3) Country Today Tub:
Ed & Kerry Gratz, Darlington, WI

4) FS Cooperative Tub:
Ken & Kathy Johnson, Cushing, WI

5) Hoard's Dairyman Tub:
Dave Loonstra, Osseo, WI

6) WI Holstein Association Tub:
Pat Conroy

7) Holstein World Tub:
Dean Solie, Augusta, WI

8) Initial Design Tub:
Dan & Diane Cnossen, Hartley, WI

9) Nasco Tub:
Dennis Bangart, Loyal, WI

10) Supreme Awards Tub:
Lauren Breunig, Sauk City, WI

11) World Dairy Expo Tub:
Luck-E Holsteins, Hampshire, IL

Treasure Quest Logo

About Treasure Quest
The great Holstein Treasure Quest is held each spring in coordination with the Midwest National Spring Show. Breeders enter calves born the previous year, and 125 tickets are sold for the chance to select one of the entered calves. The winning ticket holder takes home the calf of their choice, and the calf's previous owner takes home a $7,500 check!

Treasure Quest tickets are available from the WHA Board of Directors or Breed Improvement Committee members and available for sale.

The entry deadline for Treasure Quest calves is February 1. Contact the office with any Treasure Quest inquiries.


Treasure Quest Rules
2012 Treasure Quest Entry Form