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Published 9 times per year, the Wisconsin Holstein News is the leading publication for Registered Holstein breeders in Wisconsin. We provide the latest information in the industry and showcase the biggest and brightest in the state of Wisconsin. We are also proud to work with our neighboring states to publish Midwest Holsteins for 3 issues each year. Contact our WHA staff, to reserve your ad space in an upcoming issue.

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Upcoming Issues & Advertising Deadlines

Featured District: Districts 1 and 2, Roundtable: Past DJMs and Distinguished Junior Members

ads needed by January 13


Midwest Holsteins, Adult Convention Award Winners, Treasure Quest calves and Featured District: District 8

ads needed by February 12


Production Issue, Featured District: District 4, District Show Entry and Rule Information, Top Performer Winners and 300-400K cows

ads needed by March 23


Midwest Holsteins, Featured District: District 3, Wisconsin Dairy Showcase Results, State Show information and schedule, Junior Convention Results

ads needed by May 11


District Show Results, Featured District: District 10, Star of the Breed, Herds of Excellence and National Convention winners

ads needed by July 28


Midwest Holsteins, State Fair Results, All-Breeds Futurity Results, Wisconsin Summer Championship Show Results, Featured District: District 5

ads needed by September 16


Red & White Issue, Junior Convention information, WDE Results and Champion Articles and Featured District: District 7

ads needed by October 15


Youth Issue, Post-secondary roundtable, YDJM and 12 & Under Articles

Featured District: District 6 and Princess Candidates

ads needed by November 12

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