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Statement from the WHA Board of Directors

In early March 2017, during an internal audit by the Wisconsin Holstein Association staff, irregularities related to credit card charges made to the WI Holstein Association account were discovered. This led the staff and the Executive Committee to conduct a thorough investigation into the organization's finances. The Association's staff and leadership discovered that the former Executive Director of Wisconsin Holstein Association, Larry P Nelson had used the WHA credit card for hundreds of unauthorized charges for his personal use. After consulting with legal counsel and the full WHA board, it was decided to alert the Baraboo Police Department of possible fraud. Baraboo police then investigated the matter and met with former director Nelson. Upon completion of their investigation, BPD recommended that charges be filed against Mr. Nelson. The matter is now in the hands of the legal system.

The WHA Board of Directors would like to commend the WHA Staff for finding the irregularities and their cooperation with the investigation. The board would also like membership to know that new procedures and protocols have been implemented for the finances to prevent further problems from occurring. WHA will be working with the legal system to claim restitution of the misused funds and our legal counsel will be facilitating that process. The WHA board would also like membership to know that the financial health of the organization is strong and the majority of funds within the organization are safely invested and were never put at risk.

Any further questions can be directed to WHA President Kevin Jorgensen at 920-210-3992 or WHA legal counsel Nicole Marklein Bacher at 608-402-8009.

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