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Become a Member

The Wisconsin Holstein Association (WHA) is a membership organization to promote the Registered Holstein breed and its breeders and owners. Membership renewal notices are sent out at the end of October. If you do not see your notice by November 1, please let the Wisconsin Holstein office know at 800-223-4269.

Adult Base Membership Fee ($60): A subscription to the Wisconsin Holstein News is included in this base fee. For farm accounts, additional members can be added for $10 per adult after the first two people on the account. 
There is a cow fee of $1.00/registered milking age female up to a maximum of 250 cows.


**Out-of-state members will be asked to pay a $50 show fee to exhibit at District Shows and the Wisconsin Championship Show in addition to the $60 base member fee. Download the application form here or call the office to process your membership over the phone as we now take credit cards!

Adult Membership Benefits
Save on Registration costs

Did you know that as a member of your state and national Holstein associations you can save $20 for each calf registered? In a time when every dollar counts, Registered Holsteins offer added value to any dairy herd. Any WHA member that wants to register animals through the National Holstein Association will benefit from discounts by being a state Holstein member. Cut registration costs by becoming a member of both organizations. ​

Wisconsin Holstein News

The Wisconsin Holstein News provides another opportunity for breeders to market their herds. For more details on this publication, contact the editor, Mara Budde, at 800-223-4269

Member Events

Each year the state association holds numerous events for its members, including an adult convention, sale, barn meetings, a state picnic, and a young adult outing. Individual counties also host events such as daylight and twilight meetings and picnics. WHA strives to provide its members with the chance to meet fellow Holstein breeders and learn from other producers. Wisconsin Holstein also offers many opportunities for breeders to showcase their herds. Each year, nine district shows and a state championship show are held in June and August, respectively. WHA is also host to a national-level show, the Midwest National Spring Holstein Show, held each April.

Become Involved

Members can be directly involved in the association through committee participation or by running for a position on the Board of Directors. Committees meet one to two times each year and are essential for the direction of WHA. The Board of Directors is the decision-making group for the organization. Directors serve a 3-year term and can serve two, 3-year terms consecutively. 

Membership FAQs

1. What animals do I need to pay cow fees for?

Cow fees only apply to milking age Registered Holstein cattle. You do not owe for heifers or any grade Holsteins on your dairy. Cow fees are $1.00/ per Registered Holstein milking age female. 

2. How do I sign up for classification or other programs?

Signing up for classification, getting animals registered, getting a prefix, ordering tags or signing up for other services can all be done through Holstein Association USA. Contact their customer service department at 800-952-5200 or or reach out to one of Holstein USA's area representatives. Contact information for area reps can be found here.

3. How can I renew my membership?

Renewing your membership is easy and there are a few ways to do it. 

1. Mail a check back with your renewal card. If you have any updates to your account like cow numbers, address, email or phone number changes - include a note with your check. 

2. Give us a call at 800-223-4269 and we can take your credit card information over the phone. If you don't know the total of your renewal we can look it up for you. 

3. Pay through your online account. You can make updates directly to your account online and pay too. 

4. Do I need to return a membership form with my renewal?

No. Please only return your card, updates and payment. The membership form is only for those who are new members. 

5. How can I get an online account?

An online account with Wisconsin Holstein allows your to easily pay your membership and enter for shows. To get an account setup, contact EmmaRae Brown at 800-223-4269 ext. 3. You will need to provide the email you would like associated with the account. From there you can setup your password.  

6. What is the difference between a member and a News subscriber?

WHA members and subscribers enjoy much of the same benefits. The base price to become a member and the subscriber rate is the same at $60. News subscribers are often those who live out of state but want to get the Wisconsin Holstein News. As a part of your membership, all adult members receive a copy of the magazine. 

7. Instead of individual memberships, can I set up a farm account?

Yes! If you have a number of family members involved on the farm who need to be members, they can be added to a farm account. These accounts have the first two people on the account charged a base of $60 then it's $10 per person after. 

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