2020 Junior Contests and Awards

For contest information and award descriptions, see the Junior Handbook.

2021 Virtual Speaking Contest - Junior, Intermediate & Senior

• Participants should be current junior members

• Participants must submit a video via email by March 1 to wijrholstein@gmail.com

• The subject line on emails should be “AGE GROUP - NAME - TITLE OF SPEECH”

• Contestant should introduce themself, state their county and their topic at the beginning of the video.

• At the end of the video, each participant should answer these questions:
         Why did you choose your topic? 
         Why is your topic important to you?

• Juniors will receive judges’ critiques in an email after judging is complete.

• Top 3 videos for each division will be posted to Youtube

• Awards will be presented at District Activity Days

Other Virtual Contests 

Photography (People, Animals & Farm Scenes), Advertising, Arts & Crafts, Bell-R-Ring

• Participants should be current junior members

• Please submit only projects produced from 1-6-20 to 3-1-21

• Juniors should email an image of their project, along with name, age, and contest category to wijrholstein@gmail.com

• 2 minute Bell-R-Ring videos should also be emailed

• All submissions are due March 1

• Google presentations will be created for each category for People’s Choice voting by all junior members

• Awards will be presented at District Activity Days

Convention Contest Entry Forms & Rules

Dairy Bowl Rules (PDF) 

Dairy Bowl Sources (PDF)       

             Wisconsin Holstein History Book    Chapters 1 & 2  |  Chapter 12  |  Chapter 13  |  pages 99-119

Dairy Jeopardy Rules (PDF)

Speaking Contest Rules (PDF)