Awards and Recognition

Adult Awards

The 2021 Wisconsin Holstein Association Adult Convention is canceled and the business meeting postponed until 2022. Award winners will be recognized at another WHA event. More details to come. 

Award Form Applications


Distinguished Holstein Breeder

- Any WHA member can submit names to the WHA office staff or WHA Board member to nominate another WHA member.

- All submitted forms will be kept on file for 3 years in contention for the award.Those nominees not receiving an award will be sent their previous application materials along with a new form to be resubmitted for consideration if they desire.

- The WHA Executive Committee will look over all forms submitted in the past 3 years and bring to the WHA full Board up to 5 possible recipients. The WHA full Board will then select the recipient for that year.

Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder

- Any WHA member can submit names to the WHA office staff or WHA Board member to nominate another WHA member under the age of 40. Materials will be sent to your nominee requesting them to fill out and submit the necessary materials.

- All submitted forms will be kept on file for 3 years in contention for the award.Those nominees not receiving an award will be sent their previous application materials along with a new form to be resubmitted for consideration if they desire.

- The selection committee shall consist of  five (5): chair(s) of the Breed Improvement committee and previous Distinguished Young Breeder award winners.

- The top ranking from the selection committee will then be presented to the WHA Board for their approval

Young Adult Education Award

- Applicant must be a member in good standing of the Wisconsin Holstein Association at the time of application.

- Applicants should indicate on this application which program or event the award will be used for.

- For programs such as YDLI, proof of acceptance must be provided.

- Award can only be received once per individual.

- Young Distinguished Breeder Award recipients are not eligible as they will have already received a $500 YAC sponsored award.

- If an award is given and the recipient is unable to attend or does not fulfill the program requirements, the individual is expected to return the funds to the Young Adult Committee.

- Applicant should be age 21 to 45 as of January 1, 2021.

Cow Awards

In addition to awards that honor Registered Holstein breeders we have awards available to recognize cows. Top Performer recognizes cows with exceptional production and classification scores. Download the application for a full a list of eligibility. All Top Performers are recognized in the News and a winner in each age group is awarded. 

Past Award Recipients

Distinguished Holstein Breeder

2019   Emerald Acres & Dr. Scott Armbrust, De Pere

2018   Mike & Valerie Holschbach, Baraboo

2017   Don & Liz Mayer, Bloomer

2016   Carl & Bonnie Werner, Beaver Dam

2015   Jeff & Kate Hendrickson, Belleville

2014   Bob & Kathy Traynor, Spring Valley

2013   Bob & Karyn Schauf, Barron

2012   Brian & Wendy Fust, Wausau

2011   R. Paul Buhr, Viroqua

2010   Joseph & Chris Brantmeier, Sherwood

2009   Allen & Pat Rippchen, Richland Center

2008   Bauer Families, Scandinavia

2007   Tom Lyon, Westfield

2006   Roger & Peggy Borgwardt and

           William & Judy Borgwardt, Valders

2005   John & Mary Cull, Lomira

2004   David Rose, Eden

2003   Marty & Trudy Kinyon, Lone Rock 

2002   Tom & Gin Kestell, Waldo

2001   Robert Snow, Sparta

2000   Wallace Behnke, Brooklyn

1999   Hendrik & Bonnie Van Dyk, New Richmond

1998   Joseph & Marion Kuehn, Egg Harbor

1997   Steve & Kay Holte, Westby

1996   Niles & Elmo, Jr. Wendorf, Ixonia

1995   Dan & Barbara Wyss, Monroe

1994   Maurice & Geri Cooper, DeForest

1993   David Bachman, Sr., Sheboygan Falls

1992   Eugene Nelson, Union Grove

1991   Roger Heeg, Marshfield

1990   Richard Kretzschmar, Mellen

1989   William Hageman, Fond du Lac

1988   Robert Behling, Cumberland

1987   Jim Battist, Waterloo

1986   Duane Hegna, Baraboo

1985   Richard Towns, Janesville

1984   Clarence Boyke, Fond du Lac

1983   Gus Wendorf, Ixonia

1982   Don & Keith Long, Weyauwega

1981   Wayne Baier, Elmwood

1980   Richard Kruschke, New Richmond

1979   John Selz, Humbird

1978   Gordon Berg, Brownsville

1977   Elroy Borgwardt, Valders

Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder

2019   Trent & Kelsey Hendrickson, Blanchardville

2018   Kurt & Sarah Loehr, Eden

2017   Joe & Sarah Sarbacker, Belleville

2016   Adam Borchert, Auburndale

2015   Matt & Travis Smith, Watertown

2014   Troy & Jaime Noble, Lancaster

2013   Ryan & Traci Weigel, Platteville and

           Ryan & Brandi Kamps, Belmont

2012   Chad & Amy Ryan, Fond du Lac *

2011   Craig Carncross, Lodi (*2017)

2010   Chris & Kathie McCullough, Juda

2009   Todd Borgwardt, Valders

2008   Bill & Kelle Calvert, Cuba City

2007   Mark & Angie Ulness, Valders*

2006   Bruce and Brenda Long, New London*

2005   Lynn & Sara Harbaugh and Willis & Carla Gunst,

           Pine River

2004   Andrew & Lynette Buttles, Lancaster*

2003   Tom Cull & Joel Kietzman, Lomira

2002   Brian & Cindy Krull, Lake Mills

2001   Roger & Faye Hildebrandt, Hustisford

2000   Scott Pralle & Pam Selz-Pralle, Humbird*

1999   Lonnie & Dana Kepler, Viola

1998   Todd & Trish Hoesly, Brodhead

1997   Mike & Valerie Holschbach, Baraboo

1996   Jeff & Kate Hendrickson, Belleville

1995   Kent & Terry Barnes, Hillsboro

1994   Ralph & Sharon Bredl, Stratford

1993   Robert Webb, Plymouth

1992   Gary & Rose Boyke, Fond du Lac*

1991   Charles Kruschke, New Richmond

1990   Dan Natzke, Greenleaf

1989   Elmo Wendorf, Jr., Ixonia*

1988   Joe & Jim Wautier

1987   Steve Fronk

1986   Doug & Linda Hodorff, Eden

1985   Bob Schauf, Barron

1984   Tom Pearson

1983   Don Mullen

1982   Roger Borgwardt

1981   Robert Lentz

1980   Eugene Peper

1979   William & Jeanne Nass

1978   Allen Rippchen, Richland Center

1977   Niles Wendorf, Ixonia

Distinguished Service Award

Marlowe Nelson Distinguished Service Award

2020   Kevin Jorgensen, Waupun

2019   R. Paul Buhr, Viroqua

2018   Dr. David Selner, Denmark

2017   Rick & Paula Bovre, Fond du Lac

2016   the late William Hageman, Sr., Fond du Lac


Distinguished Service Award

2015   the late Brian Krull, Lake Mills

2014   Christianne Williams, Baraboo

2013   Barb Kayser, Milton

2012   Steve Holte, Westby

2011   Ben Brancel, Westfield

2010   Michael Snyder, Baraboo

2009   Dr. Rick Daluge, Madison

2008   Henk Van Dyk, New Richmond

2007   Roger Borgwardt, Valders

2006   Elmo Wendorf, Jr., Ixonia

2005   John F. Oncken, Madison

2004   Maurice Cooper, DeForest

2003   Linda Hodorff, Eden

2002   Ray Kuehl, Waunakee

2001   Art Nesbitt, Ft. Atkinson

2000   Tom Morris, Amery

1999   Elroy Borgwardt, Valders


Ralph T Elmer Service Award

1998   John & Marianne Selz, Humbird

1997   Keith & Dawn Stump, Loyal

1996   Dr. Terry Howard, Madison

1995   Dr. L.C. Allenstein

1994   Nelson Rehder

1993   Frances Mae Rufi, Monroe


Don Gillett Distinguished Service Award

1992   Sylvester Weiler, Watertown

1991   Marlowe Nelson, Westby

1990   Dr. Elmer A. Woelffer

1989   Bob Weinfurtner

1988   Alvin Piper, Lake Mills

1987   John Wuettrich

1986   Harvey Swartz

1985   Gene Nelson, Union Grove

1984   Merle Howard, Watertown

1983   Margaret Rasmussen, Lone Rock

1982   Dr. David Dickson, Madison

1981   Norman Rasmussen, Lone Rock

Wisconsin Holstein Association Wall of Fame

1991   Bull - Johanna Rag Apple Pabst

            Cow - Colantha 4th Johanna

            W. J. Gillett, Rosendale

1992   Bull - Sir Pietertje Ormsby Mercedes 37th

            Cow - Wisconsin Fobes

            John Erickson

1993   Bull - Wisconsin Admiral Burke Lad VG GM

            Cow - Pabst Burke Rag Apple De Kol EX GMD

            Fred Pabst, Oconomowoc

1994   Bull - North Star Joe Homestead

            Cow - Allie Watson Prima Donna

            Baltz Hoesly, New Glarus

1995   Bull - Admiral Ormbsby Fobes

            Cow - Pietertje Maid Ormsby

            John S. Wuethrich, Granton

1996   Bull - Sir Fobes Ormsby Hengerveld

            Cow - Gray View BD Crissy EX-93 GMD

            Professor A. C. Oosterhuis, Madison

1997   Bull - Wis Ideal-EX-GM

            Cow - Wis Prima Donna EX-91 GMD

            Glen Householder & Archie Sandburg, Green Bay

1998   Bull - Elmoka Joe Homestead

            Cow - St. Croixco Lad Nina EX-94 EEEE

            Carl J. Nelson, Poskin

1999   Bull - Wis Leader

            Cow - Plain View Inga

            Art Imig, Clark County

2000   Bull - SWD Valiant

            Cow - Gene-Acres Felecia May Fury  EX-97 5E

            Allen Hetts, Fort Atkinson

2001   Bull - Jule King Fobes

            Cow - Future Hope Reflector Blacky

            William Baird, Waukesha & Francis Darcey, Watertown

2002   Bull - Gray-View Crisscross

            Cow - Gray-View BD Skyanne

            Gray View Farms, the Nelsons - Harvey, Eugene & Pete, Union Grove

2003   Bull - Mayers Majesty Duke

            Cow - Mayers Mistress Dark Anna

            Christ Mayer, Washington County

2004   Bull - Elmer Brook Aristocrat EX GM

            Cow - Elmer Brook Elaine Inka Piebe EX GMD

            H. Otto Elmer, Monticello

2005   Bull - St. Croixco Pioneer

            Cow - St. Croixco Pidon Colette EX-92 4E GMD

            Bernard Kuhn & Aulden Davis, St. Croixco Farm

2006   Bull - Pabst Roamer EX GM

            Cow - Vickery Vale Mechthilde Ormsby

            Arthur James Glover

2007   Bull - Hagemans Tempo

            Cow - Vigo Burke Hengevale  EX-93 GMD

            Elsmer & Gordon Berg, Dodge County

2008   Bull - Provin Mtn Ivanhoe Jewel EX GM

            Cow - Sky-Hi Mars Helen –ET

            Norman Rasmussen

2009   Bull - Pabst Comet VG GM

            Cow - Linden Dictator Wimble Wimpy (Wimpy)

            Harvey Swartz

2010   Bull - Life-O-Riley Marquis King, EX GM

            Cow - D-R-A August  EX-96 DOM

            Elis Knutson

2011   Bull - Harborcrest Happy Crusader EX-92 GM

            Cow - Crescentmead Rotate Amanda  EX-94 2E GMD DOM

            Elmer A. Woelffer, D.V.M.

2012   Bull - Lockway Sovereign Lucifer Lad

            Cow - Jan-Com Fond Matt Matilda EX-97

            W. D. Hoard

2013   Bull - Fustead Emory Blitz-ET  EX-95 GM

            Cow - Nectarlin Billie Bob Mark  EX-90 GMD DOM

            Alvin R. Piper, Lake Mills

2014   Bull - Regancrest Elton Durham-ET  EX-90 GM

            Cow - Snow-N Denises Dellia  EX-95 GMD DOM

            Marlowe Nelson, Westby

2015   Bull – Townson Lindy-ET  EX

            Cow – Stookey Elm Park Blackrose-ET  EX-96 3E GMD DOM

            Merle Howard, Lake Mills

2016   Bull – KHW Kite Advent-Red EX-94

            Cow – Krull Broker Elegance  EX-96 2E GMD DOM

            John D. Wuethrich, Greenwood

2017   Bull - Sandy-Valley Bolton EX-90 GM

           Cow - Scientific Debutante Rae  EX-92 GMD DOM

           Elroy Borgwardt, Valders

2018   Bull - Emerald-Acr-Sa T-Baxter EX-91

           Cow - Ripvalley NA Bell Tammy EX-94 GMD DOM

           Margaret Rassmussen, Lone Rock
2019   Bull - Pinehurst Copyright

           Cow - Audrey Posch

           David Bachmann, Sr., Sheboygan Falls

2020   Bull - Jenny-Lou Mrshl Toystory-ET

           Cow - Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy-ET

           William Hageman, Sr., Fond du Lac