Treasure Quest


2020 Treasure Quest     Download the calf entry form HERE

This event is a celebration and promotion of high caliber calves and their breeders and owners. Proceeds
from this event benefit the state association members and fund the state picnic held each year.

State members can enter Registered Holstein heifers born between March 1 and December 31. Any state
member can nominate a heifer using the form below. By entering your calf in the Treasure Quest, you are
committed to potentially having the calf selected as the winner. Members can also participate by purchasing
a lottery ticket for the chance to win one of the entered calves. There will be 125 lottery tickets printed, and
123 of them will be sold for $100 each. The remaining two tickets will be auctioned off; one will benefit the
WHA Scholarship fund and the other the WHA Juniors. These auctions will be held at the state adult
convention and spring show, and the tickets purchased will automatically be in the top 12 drawing.

The raffle drawing is held following the selection of Intermediate Champion at the Midwest National Spring Holstein Show. Ticket holders must not be present to win, however, they do need a representative to choose a calf or bucket on their behalf. Ten tickets will be drawn on the day of the show, and they will be joined by the two tickets auctioned for a chance to win a new Holstein calf. Eleven winners will receive consolation buckets, valued at $100 each and one lucky ticket holder will go home with a calf. The breeder whose calf is chosen will receive a check for $5000, and those not chosen get to return home!

Tickets can be purchased from any WHA board member or Breed Improvement committee member, or the state office by calling 1-800-223-4269. Additional Information All calves entered prior to spring show will be on display at the show and led into the ring at the time of the drawing.

2018 Treasure Quest Results

Congratulations to the 2018 Winners! Austen Schmidt, Cascade, Wis. who chose

#2 entered by Austen Schmidt, Travis Krohlow and Black Creek of Cascade, Wis.


Additional winners and sponsors of this year's Treasure Quest event:

Hoard's Dairyman Tub - Andy Steinhagen, MN 

NASCO Show Tub - Ryan Weigel, Platteville, WI 

World Dairy Expo Tub - Nolan Carncross, Lodi, WI

Zach Endres, Waunakee, WI

Jake & Jade Kruschke, New Richmond, WI

Sela & Kelby Fossum, Lodi, WI

Rachel & Brian McCullough, Juda, WI

Scott Pralle, Humbird, WI

Noah Bilz, Dorchester, WI

Joe Gibbs, IA

Dale Kranz, Columbus, WI


2017 Treasure Quest Results

Calf Winner:
Sara Feldmann, Howard Grove, Wis. chose
Treasure Quest heifer #3

Hammertime Sid Rebel-ET, a Sept. 2016 Sid x EX-91 Goldwyn.

Hammertime Sid Rebel-ET
Born: 09/01/2016
Reg #: 3137538239
Sire: Pine-Tree Sid-ET
Dam: Milksource Goldwyn Rhea-ET
Entered by Hammertime Holsteins

Treasure Quest "Tub" Winners

1 - Apple-Vue Dairy Services, LLC Tub:

Corey Geiger and Krista Knigge, Fort Atkinson, WI

2 - Boviteq Tub:

Shawn Nehls, Hustisford, WI

3 - Columbia Co. DHIA Tub:  

Zach Endres, Waunakee, WI

4 - Hi-Lo-Valley Holsteins Tub:

Bryan Stremcha, Bangor, WI

5 - Hoard's Dairyman Tub:

Dale Kranz, Columbus, WI

6 - Indianhead Holsteins Tub:

Hetts Family, Fort Atkinson, WI

7 - Initial Design Tub:

R. Paul Buhr, Viroqua, WI

8 - Insight FS Tub:

Christopher Gunst, Pine River, WI

9 - NASCO Tub:

Andrew Greenfield, Fond du Lac, WI

10 - Wisconsin Holstein Association Tub:

Steve Holte, Westby, WI

11 - World Dairy Expo Tub:

Josh Rynes, Menomonie, WI

2015 Treasure Quest Results

Calf Winner:
Brian Steidinger, Marathon, Wis. chose
Treasure Quest heifer #5


MS Hy-Ry Atwood Ambrosio-ET

Born: 6/27/14
Reg #: 840003125202039
Sire: Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET
Dam: Hylite SS Alasandra EX-95 2E
Entered by C & M Ryan, A, M & S White

Treasure Quest "Tub" Winners

1 - World Dairy Expo Tub: 
Dan Cnossen, Hatley, WI

2 - Holstein World Tub: 
Reese Burdette, PA

3 - Supreme Awards Tub: 
Chase Oehmichen, Abbotsford, WI

4 - Accelerated Genetics Tub: 
Christopher Gunst, Pine River, WI

5 - Wisconsin Holstein Tub: 
Chase & Willow Oehmichen, Abbotsford, WI

6 - Hoard's Dairyman Tub: 
Allison Gernicke

7 - Initial Design Tub: 
Paige, Hannah, Mitchell & Levi Nelson, Ellsworth, WI

8 - Apple Vue Tub: 
Stephanie White, Fox Lake, WI

9 - NASCO Tub: 
The Hetts Family, Fort Atkinson, WI

10 - Hi-Lo-Valley Holsteins Tub: 
Rachel & Mac McCullough, Juda, WI

11 - Identity Works Tub: 
Kent Wendorf, Viroqua, WI

2016 Treasure Quest Results

Calf Winner:
Jessica Pralle, Humbird, Wis. chose
Treasure Quest heifer #3

Born: 04/04/2015
Reg #: 74310100
Sire: Hylite Barbwire-Red-ET
Dam: Dream-Hill Clover-Red-ET
Entered by Dawson and Kylie Nickels

Treasure Quest "Tub" Winners

1 - Accelerated Genetics Tub:

Megan Nelson, Ettrick, WI

2 - Apple-Vue Dairy Services, LLC Tub:

Gary Janssen, Island Lake, IL

3 - Blodgett Communications Tub:

Stella & Tessa Schmocker, Whitewater, WI

4 - Cross, Jenks, Mercer & Maffei Law Offices Tub:

Hetts Family, Fort Atkinson, WI

5 -Hi-Lo-Valley Holsteins Tub:

Kevin Jorgensen, Waupun, WI

6 - Hoard's Dairyman Tub:

Rae Nell Halbur, Fond du Lac, WI

7 - FS Insight Tub:

Dale Kranz, Columbus, WI

8 - NASCO Tub:

Ami Cooper, DeForest, WI

9 - Semex USA, Inc. Tub:

Pure Pride, Menomonie, WI

10 - Wisconsin Holstein Association Tub:

Sherry Siemers-Peterman & Kathleen O'Keefe, Hammond, WI

11 - World Dairy Expo Tub:

Tim Abbott, VT


2014 Treasure Quest Results

Calf Winner:

Christopher Gunst, Pine River, Wis. chose
Treasure Quest heifer #2


Lyn-Vale Atwood Gracee-ET
Born: 9/17/2013
Reg #: 71822049
Sire: Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET
Dam: Baycroft Rubens Glorious-ET
Entered by: Bill Schultz, Waldo


Treasure Quest "Tub" Winners

1 - Accelerated Genetics Tub: 
Gerald Schiefelbein, Fall Creek, WI

2 - The Country Today Tub: 
Cade Stanek, Fall Creek, WI

3 - NASCO Tub: 
Kalista Hodorff, Eden, WI

4 - Hoard's Dairyman Tub: 
Karlee Ketelboeter, Dane, WI

5 - Holstein World Tub: 
Matt Lippert, Pittsville, WI

6 - Wisconsin Holstein Tub: 
Braeden Bechel, Elmwood, WI

7 - Initial Design Tub: 
Mary Holle, Baldwin, WI

8 - Supreme Awards Tub:
Travis Krohlow, Austen Schmidt & Nick Schuster

9 - Apple-Vue Dairy Services Tub: 
Eva Doornink, Baldwin, WI

10 - World Dairy Expo Tub: 
Kayla Krueger, Marion, WI

11 - Frontier FS Tub: 
Milk Source LLC, Kaukauna, WI


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