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Supper Club Socials

Supper Club Socials are back in 2022! Take a little time away from the farm and meet up with fellow members for an afternoon or evening of good company. Joining us this year is Marc Comtois from Comestar Holsteins and Carl Saucier from Semex. They will share their experiences in genetics, dairying and with the Royal Winter Fair. 

Meet the Speakers

Marc Comtois

Marc Comtois of Comestar Holsteins, Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada has been breeding Registered Holsteins for over 40 years. Recognized by Holstein International as the Most Influential Holstein Breeder of the past 25 years, he was also inducted into the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame in 2019 for his contributions to the Canadian agriculture industry and received the National Dairy Shrine Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeder award in 2008. Comestar Holsteins is known around the world for developing high quality genetics. Made up of approximately 700 head, the herd’s base is the great Laurie Sheik family. Comestar has bred four millionaire sires – Comestar Leader, Outside, Lee and Lheros along with many other well-known bulls.

Carl Saucier

Carl Saucier is a Genetic Development Representative for Semex/CIAQ and celebrates 31 years with the Semex family this spring. He has had the opportunity to work with some the greatest breeders in Canadian history. From the likes of Hanover Hill to Romandale, Carl has learned from the best. His passion for great dairy cattle can be seen in the photos he takes both in the ring and on his many farm visits. From snapping iconic shots of his great nieces and nephews at Ferme Jacobs to finding the young sire daughter that catches the world’s attention, Carl has developed a talent for finding greatness.

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