WHA State Picnic


2019 Wisconsin Holstein State Picnic

September 14, 2019
Crisdhome Farms, Inc.
The Kruschke Family
New Richmond, Wisconsin

The Kruschke family of Crisdhome Farms, New Richmond, hosted the 2019 WHA Picnic on a beautiful day in September. They had the herd looking great and visitors enjoyed seeing great type cows from deep pedigrees. The herd currently boasts 52 EX and 44 VG cows with a rolling herd average over 24,000 pounds. Visitors were also able to view the Kruschke’s new dry cow and heifer barn built in 2016. WHA hosted a judging contest for attendees featuring three classes of cows: aged, 4-year-old and 2-year-old classes. 

Roughly 200 Holstein enthusiasts from Wisconsin and Minnesota gathered to enjoy a meal and games. The kids especially enjoyed the corn box and bouncy house. Following a welcome from WHA board member Erica Ullom, Tom Morris introduced the Kruschke family. The farm is operated by Chuck, Dave, Pete, Jake and Jade. The family thanked everyone for coming to their event. 

Jim Moriarty, director of dairy consulting and lending operations with Compeer Financial, gave a brief talk about dairy markets in the past and present as well as an outlook for the future. Erica Ullom gave an update on WHA activities and announced the judging contest winners. The top three in each division received a trophy and cash prize.

Judging Contest Results:

Youth, 14 & under: 1. Cathryn Gunst; 2. James Meyer; 3. Kaleb Christenson

Youth, 15 & over: 1. Ben Styer; 2. Marie Haase; 3. Mason Jauquet, Grace Haase (tie)

Ladies: 1. Nellie Thibault; 2. Krista Styer; 3. Mary Holle

Men: 1. John Mayer; 2. Dave Christenson; 3. Jim Mayer

PIcnic corn box.jpg
Picnic barn.jpg