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2013 Adult Convention

Younger Distinguished Dairy Person: Chad & Amy Ryan Distinguished Breeder Award: Brian & Wendy Fust Distinguished Service Award: Barb Kayser

Wall of Fame Person: Alvin Piper Wall of Fame Bull: Fustead Emory Blitz-ET Wall of Fame Cow: Nectarlin Billie Bob Mark

Top Performers Overall Top Performer - Ralma Goldwyn Mayfly-ET EX-92, Thomas Kestell, Waldo Junior Two Year Old - Synergy Planet Piper-ET VG-85, Synergy Dairy, Pulaski Senior Two Year Old - Siemers Pagewire 13031 VG-85, Siemers Holsteins, Newton Junior Three Year Old - Ms Epinema-ET EX-90, Thomas Kestell, Waldo Senior Three Year Old - Dirt-Road TS Candice EX-91, Steve & Amanda Killian, Blair Four Year Old - Ever-Green-View Maya-ET EX-91, Thomas Kestell, Waldo Five Year Old - Ralma Goldwyn Mayfly-ET EX-92, Thomas Kestell, Waldo Six to Nine Year Old - Ever-Green-View Elegance EX-92, Thomas Kestell, Waldo Ten Years & Older - Hilrose Lee Princess EX-93, Jeff Brantmeier, Sherwood

40 & 50 Year members recognized at convention: Alan Hanke, Rick Bovre, Eugene Lammers, Tom Morris & Don Schmidt

Young Adult Committee Scholarships: Marci Walker representing YAC, Doug Wallerman, Bob & Shelly Hart. The proceeds from the Futures Sale helps support annual Education Scholarships for young adults to attend workshops, industry events or annual meetings.

Keynote speaker: Dr. Gordon Atkins, Senior Clinical Skills Instructor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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