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A beginner’s guide to Wisconsin Holstein Shows

As we start show season, new members (and existing members) might have questions about rules, registrations and just general show info. Here are a few topics we get questions on a lot as show season comes around.

Do I need a registration paper to be able to show?

Yes. All animals exhibited at Wisconsin Holstein Shows (District Shows and the Wisconsin Summer Championship Shows) require papers in order to be checked in. We understand that there may be a delay in receiving papers due to the Holstein USA staff working remotely. If you have questions about the status of your registration, you can reach out to info@holstein.comand a customer service rep will help you out. They can email you a copy of the registration paper if you have not received it in the mail. BUT DON’T DELAY– we will make our best effort to allow everyone to show, but we also expect exhibitors to do their best to get registration papers or a copy of the paper ahead of time.

Which District Show should I show at? When do I need to enter?

You may show in either the district where you live or where your animals are housed (if housed elsewhere). We have 9 districts in the state of Wisconsin, shown on the map here. If you have any questions about which district you should show in, please contact us at the office. Each District Show has a local and district chair and most are hosted in different locations each year. All of the information for show location, entry fees and deadlines is printed in the Wisconsin Holstein Newsand on our website.

When do I need to have my junior animals transferred?

Holstein USA changed the transfer deadline to July 15 for junior owned animals. Junior animals must be transferred into the junior’s name before their respective District Show and the Wisconsin Summer Championship Show. Junior transfers are allowed at the shows (if held before July 15).

Can a junior show an animal not registered in their name?

Yes, they can, however these juniors will not receive junior recognition. All animals (open and junior show) are shown together at WHA shows, but junior members are eligible for additional recognition as junior owners. We recommend that if your junior wants to show in the junior show, the animal must be transferred into their name. If the junior is just showing a managerial animal, this animal will be eligible for open show recognition and the animal’s owner will be listed in any show catalogs.

What happens if a junior isn’t around to show their animal?

As stated in the Wisconsin Holstein show rules, the junior listed on the registration paper must exhibit the animal to earn junior recognition. If another junior (not listed on the paper in partnership with the junior) or adult shows the animal, they no longer qualify for junior awards. Junior animals may be shown in the open show at District Show and still be eligible to be shown by the junior at the Wisconsin Championship Show.

For those juniors starting to show, the Holstein Foundation has excellent resources regarding fitting, showmanship and show animal care. These include downloadable resources and videos.

Please contact the Wisconsin Holstein Association office with any additional questions at 1-800-223-4269.

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